SUN Funing


State Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Education and Appointments:

2017.09-2022.12, Ph. D in Geology, Nanjing University. Supervisor: Prof. Wenxuan Hu
2019.03-2019.04, Visiting Student, Australian National University
2013.09-2017.06, Bachelor in Resources Exploration Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology

Honors and Awards:

National Scholarship, 2020, 2016
Outstanding Student, Nanjing University, 2020
Outstanding Graduate of Shandong Province, 2017
Pacemaker to Merit Student, 2017, 2016, 2015

Professional Experience:

2023.02-present, Post-doctor, Geology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Collaborator: Prof. Shucheng Xie

Selected Publications (* author for correspondence):

Sun, F., Hu, W., Cao, J., Wang, X., Zhang, Z., Ramezani, J., Shen, S., 2022. Sustained and intensified lacustrine methane cycling during Early Permian climate warming. Nature Communications, 13, 4856.


Sun, F., Hu, W., Wang, X., Cao, J., Fu, B., Wu, H., Yang, S., 2021. Methanogen microfossils and methanogenesis in Permian lake deposits. Geology, 49, 13–18.


Sun, F., Hu, W., Wu, H., Fu, B., Wang, X., Tang, Y., Cao, J., Yang, S., Hu, Z., 2021. Two-stage mineral dissolution and precipitation related to organic matter degradation: Insights from in situ C–O isotopes of zoned carbonate cements. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 124, 104812.


Sun, F., Hu, W., Zhang, Z., Cao, J., 2022. Isotopic evidence for the formation of 25-norhopanes via in situ biodegradation in the Permian Lucaogou shales, southern Junggar Basin. Organic Geochemistry, 163, 104334.


孙福宁, 胡文瑄, 胡忠亚, 刘永立, 康逊, 朱峰, 2020. 断裂-层序双控机制下的热液活动及成储效应——以塔里木盆地塔河、玉北地区下奥陶统为例. 石油与天然气地质, 41, 114–131. (in Chinese with English abstract)


Hu, Z., Hu, W., Liu, C., Sun, F., Liu, Y., Li, W., 2019. Conservative behavior of Mg isotopes in massive dolostones: From diagenesis to hydrothermal reworking. Sedimentary Geology, 381, 65–75.


Hu, Z., Hu, W., Liao, Z., Sun, F., 2021. Facies-dependent early diagenesis and hydrothermal reworking in dolostones: a case study on upper Permian and lower Triassic in northeast Sichuan Basin. Carbonates and Evaporites, 36, 1–15.


Zhu, F., Hu, W., Cao, J., Sun, F., Liu, Y., Sun, Z., 2018. Micro/nanoscale pore structure and fractal characteristics of tight gas sandstone: A case study from the Yuanba area, northeast Sichuan Basin, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 98, 116–132.


Wu, H., Zhou, J., Hu, W., Sun, F., Kang, X., Zhang, Y., He, W., Feng, C., 2022. Origin of authigenic albite in a lacustrine mixed-deposition sequence (Lucaogou Formation, Junggar Basin) and its diagenesis implications. Energy Exploration & Exploitation, 40, 132–154.


胡文瑄, 姚素平, 陆现彩, 吴海光, 孙福宁, 靳军, 2019. 典型陆相页岩油层系成岩过程中有机质演化对储集性的影响. 石油与天然气地质, 40, 947–956. (in Chinese with English abstract)


Yang, S., Hu, W., Wang, X., Jiang, B., Yao, S., Sun, F., Huang, Z., Zhu, F., 2019. Duration, evolution, and implications of volcanic activity across the Ordovician–Silurian transition in the Lower Yangtze region, South China. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 518, 13–25.


Yang, S., Hu, W., Yao, S., Wang, X., He, W., Wang, Y., Zhu, F., Sun, F., 2020. Constraints on the accumulation of organic matter in Upper Ordovician-lower Silurian black shales from the Lower Yangtze region, South China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 120, 104544.


Li, J., Zhang, W., Xiang, B., He, D., Yang, S., Wang, J., Li, A., Zhou, N., Sun, F., Hu, W., 2022. Characteristics of dissolved pores and dissolution mechanism of zeolite-rich reservoirs in the Wuerhe Formation in Mahu area, Junggar Basin. Energy Exploration & Exploitation, 01445987211028732.


Current Research Interest:

Microbial methane cycle and paleoclimate change

Microbial dolomite precipitation in geological records

Microbial processes and their roles in petroleum geology