December 21, 2020 (Monday, 8:30 a.m. and 14:00 p.m.)


Conference room, 4th floor, Huibin building, East District, Nanwangshan campus, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)


Researcher Yao huaiying, Professor Zhu Jianming, Researcher Li Jinhua, Researcher Yin zongjun, Researcher Shuai Yanhua, Professor Xie Shucheng, Professor Zuo Renguang, Professor Zhang Zhongshi, Professor Li Chao, Professor Song Haijun, Professor Luo Genming, Professor Wang Hongmei, Professor Yuan Songhu, Professor Li Ping, Professor Huang Junhua, Professor Huang Xianyu, Professor Yu Qianqian, Professor Chen Xu, and Associate Professor Ruan Xiaoyan, Associate Professor Liu Deng, Associate Professor Yan Sen, Associate Professor Chu Daoliang, Associate Professor Liu Yuhui, Associate Professor Qin Yangmin, Associate Researcher Shen Jun, Associate Researcher song Huyue, Associate Professor Lin Xiao, Associate Researcher Zhang Hongbin, Associate Researcher Qiu Xuan, and more than 90 teachers and graduate students of School of Earth Science, School of Environment Science and the State Key Laboratory of biological geology and environmental geology.

Meeting theme:

The development of geobiology urgently needs the support of new technologies and methods. Today, with the great changes in scientific research paradigm, it is urgent to make breakthroughs in new technologies and methods. In order to further promote the development of new technologies and methods within the innovation research group of geobiology and within the discipline of geobiology, famous experts in relevant fields and members of the group are invited to conduct in-depth research on the four technical methods of big data and machine learning, molecular and isotope technology, micro in situ analysis technology, numerical model and simulation,in order to promote the rapid development of geobiology in our university.

Meeting content

Professor Xie Shucheng firstly pointed out that Mr. Zhang Wenyou put forward geobiology for the first time in 1962, which is internationally prospective. Then he introduces the progress of scientific research and social services of six members of the innovative research group of geobiology in the past two years. Then, Professor Xie Shucheng introduced the major challenges faced by geobiology, mainly including: 1) the development of technology and methods, 2) the impact of environment on organisms, 3) how organisms promote the occurrence of major geological and historical events, that is, the biological factors of major geological and historical events. Then Professor Xie Shucheng pointed out the important development direction of geobiology in the future: 1) to form characteristic technology and methods; 2) to construct a new theory of biological evolution; 3) to put forward the biogenetic theory of a geological event.

Next, Researcher Yao Huaiying introduced the principle and application of soil microbial molecular ecology testing technology; Professor Li Jinhua introduced the microscopic technology and its application in the study of microbial mineralization and microfossils; Professor Yin Zongjun introduced the new technologies and methods for the study of early life on the earth; Professor Zhu Jianming introduced the basic principle of isotope fractionation, the pretreatment method of Cr, Cd and Ni stable isotopic samples, the instrument detection method, and the application of Cr, Cd and Ni stable isotopes in the study of early life on the earth.According to the spatial distribution of methane on the earth from high to low, Professor Shuai Yanhua introduced the application of methane cluster isotope technology; Professor Zuo Renguang introduced the basic principles and characteristics of big data processing, the challenges encountered in the process of geological big data processing and the solutions, as well as the recent achievements of our university in using big data processing; Professor Li Chao introduced the common carbonate indicators in the earth, Δ 47 cluster isotope technology, and paleo marine phosphate content reconstruction technology; Professor Song Haijun combined with this paper Human experience introduces the combination of big data and paleontology, as well as the scientific research achievements obtained by using geological big data; Professor Luo Genming's application of lipid technology in Geobiology, as well as the latest breakthrough in preprocessing and testing methods; Professor Zhang Zhongshi introduced the credibility of simulation, the multiplicity of phenomenon interpretation and the dependence of model.

Finally, Professor Li Chao gave a general introduction to this meeting in conclusion, it was pointed out that the reports of this conference were all cutting-edge and the research paradigm of Geosciences had changed. Traditional research should be good at using new technical means to complement each other and promote the rapid development of geobiology.

2020 Annual Meeting Of National Innovative Research Group of Geobiology ——New Technologies And Methods Of Geobiology