Education and Appointments:

2000.9-2004.6, China University of Geoscience, Degree: B.Sc, Major: Applied Chemistry

2004.9-2009.6, China University of Geoscience, Degree: Ph.D, Major: Paleontology

Research grants:

1.NSFC (U20A2094), 2021.1-2024.12, title: Coupling between hydrological and biological processes during the geological evolution of the typical critical zones in western Hubei Province, PI

2.NSFC (41877317), 2019.1-2022.12, title: Response of peatland ecosystem to water level drawdown on centennial timescale: evidence from carbon isotope compositions of multi lipids, PI

3.NSFC (41472308), 2015.1-2018.12, title: Paleoenvironmental implications of lipid hydrogen isotope compositions in peat deposits in eastern China, PI

4.NSFC (41102215), 2012.1-2014.12, title: Influence of symbiotic methanotrophic activity on the carbon isotope compositions of Sphagnum lipids and its paleohydrological implication, PI

Current Research Interest:

1.Bio-organic geochemistry of peat deposits

HUANG Xianyu

Position: Professor


Selected Publications (* author for correspondence):


Yan, C., Zhang, Y.F., Zheng, M.*, Zhang, Y.M., Liu, M., Yang, T., Meyers, P.A., Huang, X.* Effects of redox conditions and temperature on the degradation of Sphagnum n-alkanes. Chemical Geology, 2021, 561: 119927.


Zhang, Y., Huang, X.*, Wang, R., Naafs, D.A.*. The distribution of long-chain n-alkan-2-ones in peat can be used to infer past changes in pH. Chemical Geology, 2020, 544: 119622.


Huang, X.*, Meyers, P.A. Assessing paleohydrologic controls on the hydrogen isotope compositions of leaf wax n-alkanes in Chinese peat deposits. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2019, 516: 354-363.


Huang, X.,Pancost, R., Xue, J., Gu, Y., Evershed, R.P., Xie, S. * Response of carbon cycle to drier conditions in the mid-Holocene in central China. Nature Communications, 2018, 9: 1369.


黄咸雨, 张志麒, 王红梅, 陈旭, 朱宗敏, 顾延生, 秦养民, 刘金铃, 汪迎春. 神农架大九湖泥炭湿地关键带监测进展. 地球科学, 2017, 42(6): 1026-1038.


Huang X. *, Meyers P.A. *, Xue J., Gong L., Wang X., Xie S. Environmental factors affecting the low temperature isomerization of homohopanes in acidic peat deposits, central China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2015, 154: 212-228.


Huang X. *, Xue J., Wang X., Meyers P.A., Huang J., Xie S. Paleoclimate influence on early diagenesis of plant triterpenes in the Dajiuhu Peatland, central China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2013, 123: 106-119.


Huang X. *, Meyers P.A., Jia C., Zheng M., Xue J., Wang X., Xie S. Paleotemperature variability in central China during the last 13 ka recorded by a novel microbial lipid proxy in the Dajiuhu peat deposit. The Holocene, 2013, 23(8): 1123-1129.